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Cala Gonone is located in the Gulf of Orosei in a coastline stretch full of enchanting places: crystal-clear beaches and breathtaking landscapes that attract tourists from all over ready to climb the cliffs, they are surprised by the intense colours.

While it is true that some of  Cala Gonone’s most famous beaches can only be reached by trekking or by boat, we cannot forget that the coast reserves enchanting places and beaches that are also suitable for families with small children looking for a quiet and safe holiday, without forgoing the wonderful colours of the area.

We have selected some beaches near Cala Gonone, a maximum of one hour away, that are perfect for spending an enchanting day with the family and, above all, easily accessible even for young children.

All these beaches are easily accessible by car if you choose Cala Gonone as your holiday base.

Biriola Eco Resort apartments all have free parking and are close to the main beach, also easily accessible on foot, of Cala Gonone. Contact us for availability and prices.

Biderosa protected oasis

Biderosa is an oasis located close to Orosei city and easily accessible from Cala Gonone, it is a protected oasis of the Forestry Commission where you can find five beaches with crystal-clear water, fine white sand surrounded by the shade of Aleppo pine forests and centuries-old junipers.

The coast is low for several metres from the shore, so it is perfect for a day of safe play and sea in a place with wonderful colours even for very young children, without sacrificing comfort: the oasis has parking areas and bars.

You need to book in advance because access is limited. You can do this on the oasis’ official website. We advise you to book well in advance because admissions are limited.

Marina di Orosei 

Inside the Gulf, proceeding north from Cala Gonone, you arrive at Marina di Orosei: a beach several kilometres long characterised by fine sand and crystal-clear waters.

The numerous pine forests close to the beaches, the fine sand, the wide spaces, make it a great place to spend a day playing and relaxing!

There are also numerous parking areas close to the beach to leave your car and easily access the beach.

In some stretches, along the two kilometres of beach, it is possible to find beaches equipped with umbrella and sunbed hire, gazebo hire and bars, for example in the stretch of Su Barone.

Cala Cartoe

Cala Cartoe is one of the closest beaches to Cala Gonone and is easily reached by car in about 20 minutes.

Here too, as in the beaches seen above, the colours of the sea are enchanting and the fine sand is perfect for spending a day playing.

There is also a car park close to the beach, a footbridge to make it easy to get there  with strollers, and small cafeterias close to the beach for fresh snacks during the day!

The beach is not equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds so remember to bring your own.

Palmasera beach

Palmasera is a beach stuated in the territory of Cala Gonone this is the beach of Cala Gonone and is easily accessible from the village, about 500 metres from our flats and holiday home.

The beach is characterised by its crystal-clear water, but above all by its unusual sand consisting of tiny pink pebbles, the beach is very close to the car park located on the seafront, making it convenient both for those arriving by car and for those arriving on foot. .

There is also a small bar on the beach to refresh.

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