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We at Biriola Eco Resort love trekking! Sardinia is in fact not only home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean but also to some of the coolest trekking trails in Italy.
One of the most evocative Sardinia trekking trails links Cala Gonone with Cala Luna. The starting point is the parking at Cala Fuili.

The trail will take about 1 hour and 30 minutes, one way and it is of medium difficulty. Don’t forget to bring with you walking shoes, plenty of water and sun cream.

From here you follow the trail to the beach down over 200 comfortable steps through trees to the base of the gorge which leads to the sea. This gorge contains numerous small cliffs which are popular sport climbing crags. When you arrive at the base of the gorge, a stone-filled dry river bed, on the opposite wall you will find a slab marked with the sign “Cala Luna e Grotte del Bue Marino”.

Follow this easy trail which is marked by cairns and red arrows marked on the rock. It mainly follows an old mule track route and there are numerous points with breathtaking views.

The surrounding flora is rich in juniper and one of the largest remaining forest of holm oaks in the world. The shade is almost always guaranteed along the main path, providing respite from the day’s heat, except for the final section which leads to the beach of Cala Luna itself. At various points, you can find small canyons that lead to idyllic and secluded “micro”-beaches.

Cala Gonone beach

Micro-beaches you will see during the trekking

After about 40 minutes you can find the small trail leading down to the first one, which is called “Zio Santoru”. It is a strip of land with a small cave at one end that opens up into a room filled with stalagmites and stalagmites. I wholeheartedly recommend that you explore inside- but remember to bring a small torch!.

Continuing on, after 55 minutes you will find the trail to another beautiful “micro”-beach. This is one of my favourites, it’s a real gem, and it is called “Oddoana”.

It is surrounded by oleanders and has large limestone boulders which are shifted by the tides along with a beautiful tongue of sand. This beach is suitable for anyone who likes solitude, couples and families who enjoy pure nature. I promise that you won’t regret your visit. For those of you who are sporty on both sides, you can have a go at doing a fantastic Deep Water Soloing.

cala gonone trekking

You will not want to leave this beach, I can assure you of that, but only a few minutes further down the trail is another one that is considered one of the most beautiful and unique in the world.

After a further 15 minutes of walking along the path you will find a breathtaking view.
From here you can find a small descent with iron steps and then a typical wooden staircase. You are almost there, but to reach the sea you must follow another river bed down to the sand. Initially through a lush plantation of Oleanders, which gives the name to the Bar/Restaurant “Su Neulagi” which is open from Easter until October.

Then you must cross the river using a small wooden bridge and finally you reach your destination- the breathtaking Cala Luna beach.

Welcome to Cala Luna!

The name, Cala Luna derives from its half-moon shape. It is about 600 metres long and composed of granite and limestone sand.

Trapped between the slopes of Mount Oseli and the crystalline waters of the Gulf of Orosei its beauty will fix this day in your memory long after your return home. Towards the north end of the beach, there are two very cool caves where you can take a nap in the shade, while further still there are other very interesting snorkeling coves.

Not from out to seas from our beautiful beach is the goal of many scube-divers, the 33 metre long wreck of the Nasello, an Italian merchant fishing boat which was built in 1924 and torpedoed during World War II 1943 by the British Navy Submarine.

The hull was completely destroyed by the torpedoes but the complete engine room, propeller, rudder and the entire fore and aft bridge of the ship are still visible. During the dives, you can observe various species of groupers, very large scorpionfish, corvina, sea cicadas, lobsters, crabs and large moray eels for whom the wreck now forms home.
The return to Cala Gonone on foot usually takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Alternatively, you can buy tickets directly on the beach to return to Cala Gonone by boat. When you arrive at the port there is a shuttle service that will take you directly back to Cala Fuili so that you can pick up your car or directly to your house. During the warmer months of summer, I strongly recommend that you leave in the early hours of the day, at the latest 8 am, all our apartments are very well located for starting the trekking trail, so that you can be on the beach by 10 am.

For information about trekking options and holiday apartment in Cala Gonone contact us, we are the Sardinia specialists and always happy to make our guests feel home!

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