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An active day in contact with nature that will take you directly into the belly of one of the wildest, most fascinating and majestic canyons of Europe, the Gorropu Gorge. An excursion that can be done in complete autonomy, following the indications in the well-defined path.
 One of the starting points is the parking lot near the bridge “Sabba arva“, territory of Dorgali and the duration of the path is about 8 hours between round trip and medium difficulty.
The path is mainly flat and runs along the Rio Flumineddu on one side and a large limestone wall of the Supramonte on the other.

Gorropu Gorge Trekking Path

You will appreciate panoramic views of remarkable beauty, landscapes in continuous evolution and you will have the possibility to bathe in the fresh and emerald waters of small natural pools.
The Mediterranean scrub, rich in junipers, yews, oleanders, strawberry trees and the endemic botanical species at risk of extinction Aquilea di Gorropu, will surround you providing areas of shade refreshing. With a bit of luck you will be able to meet martens, wild boars, foxes, mouflons, wild cats and dormice and in the highest areas of the walls, looking up, you can see the golden eagle that nests in these areas. After about 6 km you arrive near the Gorge (entrance fee € 5 per person)

Trekking to Gorroppu

About the Gorge of Gorropu

Inside you will feel completely surrounded by the majesty of this natural corridor, the two limestone cliffs, a little less than a thousand meters high, will make you raise your eyes reaching the point where they come close to touch.

The gorge, formed millions of years ago by the erosive action of the river in the limestone, has also historical and cultural importance. The nuraghi found and the rests of other constructions testify the presence of the man in past ages.
It never ceases to amaze this place so incredible and magical, many say that in a precise point you can see the stars in broad daylight and bloom at night, the magical flowers of the male fern.
During the warmer months of summer, I strongly suggest leaving in the early hours of the day, recommended time around 7:00am, comfortable shoes, packed lunch, at least 2 liters of water and a towel.

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