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We at Biriola Eco Resort love sports and trekking in particular.

The whole of Sardinia and the Cala Gonone area offer a lot of wonderful trails that will allow you to reach the striking beaches of the Gulf of Orosei!

One of the most striking and renowned beaches in the Gulf is definitely Ispuligidenie or Cala Mariolu.

It owes its first name to the shepherds of Baunei who named it so because of the small white pebbles found on the beach, while the name Cala Mariolu is due to the Ponza fishermen who used to leave their nets with the fish and lobsters caught along the beach. These were broken by the monk seal, which they called ” o’mariuolo” in dialect Ponzeze means the thief.

The route

To reach Cala Mariolu on foot, you start from the Golgo Plateau, not far from Baunei, about 60 kilometers by car from Cala Gonone-about an hour and 15 minutes.

The trail starts at the point indicated on the map, here begins the walk to the beach, which is about 5 kilometers long and takes about a couple of hours.

We recommend tackling it with hiking clothing and shoes and a good reserve of water because you won’t find any along the way.  

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It is

s a route full of picturesque viewpoints, but in some sections it requires a fair amount of athletic training; we do not recommend tackling it with children, the elderly or people without adequate training.

To get to Cala Mariolu, one crosses a path of limestone rocks rich in scenic spots such as S’Arcada Manna de Serra Maore, an arch that frames the view of the Gulf of Orosei.

Along the path are pretty ladders with juniper handrails to ease the way or some sections equipped with ropes to safely negotiate the steepest sections.

When to go to Cala Mariolu by land

The best time to go by foot to Cala Mariolu is in the off-season: May, June or late September and early October, both so as not to face it in the hottest months and because nature renders at its most beautiful when temperatures are less scorching.

To learn more about trekking possibilities and how to best organize your vacation in Cala Gonone, Contact us, we will do our best to make you feel at home during your stay.

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