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We at love all outdoor sports. Cala Gonone is one of the places where you can find them all: from trekking to mountain biking, but above all, it is one of the most breathtaking places for climbing. In fact, the area of Cala Gonone and the Gulf of Orosei is full of cliffs and limestone rocks from which you can enjoy spectacular overlooks overlooking a sea of wonderful colours.

We recommend you5 sheer cliffs to climb during a holiday in Cala Gonone.

Millennium wall

The Millennium wall is named after the cave of the same name and is one of the most incredible places to climb. It is located just north of the village, can be reached from the Freshwater Trail or by following the signs for Cartoe and Osala, and descends via a small via ferrata to the impressive Millennium Cave.

The wall has a difficulty of 7b+ and 8 routes with a height of 25 to 35 metres and difficulties varying between 6b+ and 8a.


Arcadio wall

Also on the way to Cartoe is Arcadio, a grey overhanging amphitheatre with a path running along the entire crag. The crag is suitable for experienced climbers, as 80% of the routes exceed the grade of 7a. There are 41 routes here, varying in difficulty between 5c and 8a+.

Cala Fuili wall

Moving south from Cala Gonone, several walls start from Fuili beach, the starting point of several paths such as the one to Cala Luna. Fuili beach has several equipped routes on the cliff, some of which overhang the sea and is considered one of the most beautiful places to climb, with different grades of difficulty ranging from 5a up to 7c. While heading inland towards the Fuili codula, one can find other sectors such as the Thailand sector, Scalette sector, Pederiva sector, Grotta dei Tritoni, Zedda sector, Tribuna sector, Grotta dei bimbi, Grotta Vigiani and the Red Crow.


Cala Goloritzè spire

Moving further south, we come to one of the most striking cliffs in the Mediterranean: the Cala Goloritzè Spire. You’ll feel like you’re inside a postcard on top of the most spectacularly coloured sheer spire in the whole of Sardinia! To climb this wall you start from the Golgo di San Pietro, the crag has a total of 21 routes with difficulties varying between 6a- and 7a+.


Still in the Baunei area, going towards S. Maria Navarrese, we find another stupendous cliff overlooking the sea: that of Pedra Longa also known as Agugliastra. Behind it towers Punta Giradili, the roof of the Gulf, some 700 metres high, one of the highest cliffs in the Mediterranean. The Pedralonga spire has 18 routes with varying difficulties between 5a and 7a that can be climbed throughout the year.

These are in our opinion the most breathtaking paths, all overlooking the sea, which will give you a view of unique colours, but for information on other paths and holiday flats in Cala Gonone contact us, we are the specialists in Sardinia and always happy to make our guests feel at home!

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